“I love in an older home with an old furnace/AC unit. We were looking for something more modern and efficient. We ad them come out for an estimate and it was more than reasonable. We were able to get it scheduled in just two days. They came on time. They were extremely polite and answered all of my questions during the instillation. It was important to me that he had all of the answers and when I went down, he was very polite and complete. He did not come across like I was interrupting or bothering him. At the end he inhaled a thermostat with tech. He made sure I understood all of the features and waited till I was able to install and link an app on my phone. Even though it was the end of the day and I’m sure he wanted to go home, he took the few extra minutes to show me through without even the slightest feeling that he needed to hurry or move on. Very good people. Thank you so much.”

– John P.