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If your Utah home uses a heat pump instead of a furnace, you probably already know about air handlers.

Air handlers circulate conditioned air throughout your Spanish Fork home. If you live in a colder climate with a furnace, your furnace acts as an air handler for your air conditioner during the warmer months.

Want to go ductless? You will need an air handler. Say you are remodeling your basement, attic, or garage into a living space—and you want to add heating and air conditioning without having to extend your ductwork.

In that instance, you can supplement your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system by installing a ductless system for one particular area, with the ductless air handler unit in that location.

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How Do Air Handlers Work?

Air handlers have three main components:

  1. The blower is a motor-controlled fan. It aids with circulation.
  2. The evaporator coil circulates refrigerant to condition the air.
  3. Air filters ensure high indoor air quality (IAQ) and protect your equipment from dust buildup.

Air handlers can be used either for a single room, or you can connect them to ductwork to provide comfort for an entire home. You can install multiple air handlers in your larger home to create a zone control system. Our team can help you determine the best setup for your Utah home based on the size and layout.

The Blower Motor

The blower is the secret ingredient that makes air handlers so special. The blower is responsible for circulating the air into your home. It has three available speeds—namely, single-speed, multi-speed, and variable-speed:

  • Single-speed: This motor functions at one fixed speed. Therefore, the motor only cycles on and off as required by the control system or thermostat. Simply put, it runs at 100 percent capacity when on and at zero capacity when off, with nothing in between.
  • Multi-speed: A multi-speed motor can operate at multiple speeds. The speed at which it runs depends on your household’s specific needs. For instance, the blower motor will work at 100 percent if the control system or thermostat requires a high-demand setting.

It can also operate at low speed for low-stage demand situations. The reduced blower motor speed can still maintain low humidity levels and offer more efficiency than a single-stage unit.

  • Variable-speed: The fan speed depends on your home’s specific indoor-comfort requirements. A variable-speed air handler can precisely control the circulation of the cooled or heated air throughout your home. It can adjust its speed to operate at different capacities.

Therefore, it can ramp up or down to the exact rate needed to meet the required amount of cooling or heating. Variable-speed blow motors offer better comfort and quieter operation at improved efficiency. As a result, you will have all the comfort you deserve at a lower cost.

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Different Sizes for Different Needs

Depending on square footage, there is an air handler for just about every space. The ideally sized air handler can circulate air evenly without using more energy than necessary.

Smaller air handlers are typically reserved for residential settings. These air handlers may be called terminal units, blower coils, or fan coil units. Their setup is simple: consisting of an air filter, a blower, and a coil. They pull air from inside your home, treating and recirculating it.

Large air handlers are called makeup air units (MAUs). These mega-machines are usually found in commercial or industrial settings. Unlike their smaller cousins, MAUs pull air from the outdoors. If you’re a business owner, you should consider a rooftop unit (RTU).

When you’re shopping for an air handler, one of our HVAC specialists can audit your Spanish Fork home. We will take notes, conduct measurements, and perform calculations to find a model tailored to your needs. That way, you’ll have the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency.

Do I Need an Air Handler?

If your home has an air conditioner and heat pump combination, you’ll need an air handler. If you have a furnace or radiant heat, you don’t need an air handler.

If you live in a mild-temperature region, a ductless system coupled with an air handler is the way to go. However, if you live in an area with harsh winters, it’s wise to have a furnace.

Being that we get pretty cold winters here in Utah, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a dual-fuel system. These systems provide you with a fuel-burning furnace on those super cold days and an electric heat pump on milder days. Ask our Gillette Heating and Air team how this system can save you significant money over time.

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