Furnace Repair


Nothing beats a hardworking furnace on a cold winter day here in Utah. It is a family’s best friend when the temperatures start dipping below freezing.

We always encourage our customers to join our Gillette Advantage Plan maintenance agreement to keep your furnace running strong on the coldest days of the year. But even a well-maintained furnace can break down. When that happens, give us a call.

Our team at Gillette Heating and Air knows how to troubleshoot minor problems before they turn into costly repairs. Our technicians receive weekly in-house training to keep up with the latest technology in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

We are familiar with every problem that may arise with your heating and cooling system. As a family-owned business, licensed and insured, we work extra hard to earn your business. Call us today for a free consultation.

Furnace Repairs in Spanish Fork

Your furnace may switch on and off, but only a trained professional with the right tools can determine if you are getting the most value from it.

We take a lot of pride in our craftsmanship. At Gillette Heating and Air, we repair all makes and models of heating equipment—and provide accurate, up-front pricing to avoid any surprises. Our team arrives promptly, follows best practices inside your home, and does everything possible to create a stress-free experience.

Here are a few common signs that might indicate a problem with your furnace:

  • Your furnace doesn’t turn on.
  • No air blows from the vents when your system runs.
  • Your system only produces lukewarm air.
  • Your furnace starts but stops shortly after.
  • Your carbon monoxide (CO) detector had sounded.
  • New noises happen when your furnace operates.
  • Odd smells or smells of gas originate from your system.
  • You have trouble keeping your home warm enough.
  • Some areas stay comfortable, while others are too hot or cold.
  • Your windows have condensation.
  • Energy bills spike without explanation.

Schedule your appointment today if you detect any of these issues. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs to be there when you need us.

What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips If My Furnace Stops Working?

Always be sure to check your system is switched on and set to the heating mode. Many a homeowner will forget to change their thermostat settings. Also, check to be sure the battery in the thermostat is in good working condition.

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