“The scheduling of a visit was very easy with a phone call. It was agreed to send someone the next morning, which was timely since the issue was the AC was not working.

Ricardo was our technician. I explained what was wrong with the unit and he got to work testing the different components. He found the faulty part within 30 minutes and got to replacing it after we agreed on a price. He left and came back with a new fan motor which he installed and seemed to be running smoothly. A few minutes after he left, I went to check on the running AC and found it to be making a horrible screeching noise and not spinning anymore. I requested that Ricardo come back since something went wrong with the new motor. He came back two hours later and found the fan to be working fine. Thankfully, he trusted me that something was wrong and said he would eat lunch while the unit ran to see if it would seize up and it did after 20 minutes (since the motor was overheating). Ricardo again left and came back with another replacement motor, and ran into a lot of issues when trying to get the install just right, which I truly appreciate, as I didn't want it to damage other parts or break down again. He started at 10am and left our home at 5:20pm that same day.

Ricardo didn't charge me any additional amount other than the agreed upon amount for the replacement motor, which is honest business. While it's only been 24 hours since the install, the AC is working perfectly again and I suspect it will continue to work well.

My experience with Ricardo was fantastic as he was able to accommodate to unforeseen obstacles without making me bear the burden of it. I highly recommend Ricardo!”

– Jacob N.