Gillette Comfort Program

Basic - Our basic maintenance plan includes 2 annual checkups and a 1-year repair warranty.

Standard - The standard maintenance plan is the basic plan with added benefits. Enjoy 24-hour service with no after hour/overtime fees at a low monthly price.

Premium - The premium maintenance plan is the best blend of affordability and protection. Get everything with the standard plan, plus guaranteed same day service with a 2-year repair warranty. This plan includes annual maintenance that meets Energy Star recommendations.

Premium+ - This is our most thorough maintenance plan to help revitalize your HVAC system. Get all the benefits of the Premium Plan, PLUS bi-annual deep cleaning’s and a 3-year repair warranty. Your systems life expectancy will thank you later!

Program Benefits Basic Standard Premium Premium+
21-Point Inspection (2 Visits Per Year)
Reminder Service
Repair Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Priority Service - 24 Hours Same Day Same Day
No After-Hours Overtime Fees -
Pre-Season Scheduling -
Monthly Payment Option -
1 Year Inflation Protection - - -
2 Year Inflation Protection - -
Replacement Purchase Accrual System - $25 Per Year $40 Per Year $70 Per Year
Quality Assurance Inspection and Cleaning (Meets ENERGY STAR® Recommendations) - -
ACCA National Standard Task List Includes:
Blower Wheel Cleaning ($209–$257) - -
Burner Cleaning ($175) - - -
Chemically Clean Coils ($191–$307) - - -
Condensate Treatments ($20) - - -
Investment (Range) $188 $288 $408 $648
Monthly Investment No Monthly $24/monthly $34/monthly $54/monthly

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