Salt Lake City, UT

“Jesse was really patient and took time to listen and we were able to diagnose the problem. Jesse was open to my suggestions and preferences, and we were able to agree on a solution that was to my preference. I appreciate Jesse’s diligence to explain my options and focus the discussion on what I wanted. Late in the afternoon, he was focused on helping me, rather than a solution to fix it and leave. Please consider Jesse for a promotion and a pay raise. You have a very good person working for you. TD”
- Thomas D.
“Jordan’s crew were efficient, clean, personable and did a wonderful thorough job of explaining the new system to me. I recommend them without reservation, as well as Dustin’s crew, who came to help out as well. It was a long job, and they were professional and friendly throughout”
- Eileen D.
“Our replacement wasn’t scheduled for another week but our heat wasn’t turning on throughout the day and late at night we could feel only air. Contacted Gillette and they sent Marcial over first thing in the morning. Not only was Marcial polite, he was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. And it didn’t take long for him to find the solution and had it running immediately. He was a lifesaver! Recommend Gillette to everyone (and Marcial too!).”
- Lynn B.
“The techs did a good job, were here on time, left everything cleaned up and were very professional. I will recommend your company to others in need of your services. There wasn’t an option to select Ogden Utah so I selected SLC, Utah.”
- Kim C.
“All three workers were hard-working, efficient and knowledgeable. They were patient, good-natured and polite when explaining things to me. The whole experience was affirming and trouble-free. I’m glad I chose Gillette for my furnace and air conditioner replacements.”
- Kae Loy H.
“Marcial is great! Super friendly, very efficient with his time. Knowledgeable about our system and was quick to make required adjustments. We really enjoyed his visit. I hope he's the one that does our maintenance all time. The system is running very well. We were very comfortable all summer and are looking forward to a cozy winter.”
- Kirsten W.